Friday, April 22, 2011

There are just no words...

I lost my dad today...there are just no words to describe this feeling.  I don't think our lives will ever be the same.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Is it just me or do all scrappers have issues finding the perfect storage?  I have been scrapping for about 5+ years now and I THINK I'm getting my storage how I like it, but it always seems like I'm rearranging, sorting, shuffling things around.  Honestly, I wonder if I will ever have things just where I want them!!

Well, that's my rant for the day.  How do YOU organize your stuff? 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This blogging thing isn't going so well...

Ok, so I really would love to be an active blogger, I am on other people's blogs all the time, why can't I keep up with mine???  There really is no good reason, so here I go again trying to get back into the routine!

I don't have a project to post today, but I've been a busy little crafter the past couple of weeks, so pictures will be coming soon!  I am off work the next couple of days and here's what's on the agenda:

Tomorrow I will be teaching a card class for my sister's Bible study group.  There are supposed to be around 24 women there, so that should be interesting...I've never taught a group that big before, so I hope I am as organized as I think I am!!

On Friday, I will be home during the day (there will be some sleeping in for sure) and then after my nephew gets out of school, he will be coming over to make something crafty & spend the night.  He has requested this crafty sleepover, so this should be interesting.

Then on Saturday I will be going to the scrapbook expo in Orlando for the day with two of my dear friends.  They moved the weekend of this has been on Memorial Day weekend the past few years, so I'm curious to know if the vendors will be the same or not...I really love to stock up on BLING and I'm always losing my mind in the dollar scrapbooking booth.  I'm not really looking for anything in particular, just some good deals and maybe a few new items...we shall see!

I have absolutely nothing planned for Sunday, but just found out my dear sweet friend Maggie from MN is coming to Florida this weekend!!  If possible, I will have to meet up with her somewhere...waiting to hear more about that.

So...somewhere in all that excitement, I will get some pictures posted...until then, happy scrapping!