Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We Are So Blessed...

I continue to be surprised (although I know I shouldn't be) at all the amazing things God is doing in our family.  I KNOW that He will not give us more than we can handle.  Since my dad's passing, although we are saddened, grieving, and feeling empty...God is providing for us on different levels every day. 

It is a blessing to me to see the outpouring of love from the many he ministered to during his life of service to the Lord. 

It is a blessing to me that people near and far, those who are close to our family and those who don't know us too well, have reached out to us to give support in various ways. 

It is a blessing to me that although we had doubts in the past about how mom would be taken care of should dad die first, his phrase "trust your father" has never been more true.  I often wonder now if that phrase had two meanings...I see now what he meant.

It is a blessing to me that my mom has been able to stay strong, in the moment and that she understands she can rely on her children to help carry her and help navigate all the new normals we all face. 

It is a blessing to me that we can talk about my dad with laughter and happy memories, not just dwell on our sadness.

It is a blessing that through his passing, doors for conversations with the young ones in our family have been opened.  I think it's important for the small ones to see how we grieve and to be able to share their grief in their own way.

Camp 2010 - Saba, Tyler, Branden & Gracellyn

It is a blessing to me that I had the dad I did...even if I didn't always show it when he was here on this Earth.

Morning my morning new mercies I see.  We are SO blessed.