Monday, August 22, 2011

Scrap Room

On Friday, I had an idea of some minor changes I could make to my scrap room to make it more functional for me...I was just itching to get out of work and go home to see if it would all work out!!  Well, it did and I'm loving it.  I'll have to post some pictures once it's all cleaned up.  There are still some items that I need to find a home for...but honestly, it's really just some surplus stuff I need to use up! (Shocking, I know).  The set up will be more functional for me when I'm scrappin' alone...and roomier for when I have guest over.  I'm still figuring out how to maximize some of my shelving space and then I have several more drawers to make labels for.  Baby steps...

My sister and I cleared enough space to work on OWH cards on Saturday, so there can't be THAT much work left to do, right?  (See pictures in previous blog for the cards we completed).

I am also trying to clean things out for a yard sale sometime after September 17th and working on making space for a new credenza my sister is passing on to the rest of my house looks like I just moved in...LOL  Oh well, the vision is there and I know it will all look fabulous when it's done!  It's amazing the things I've collected just over the past 2 years since the last yard sale!



It's fun to hear about craft room updates. And I imagine it's even better when you're sitting in your "new" room and feel so inspired to create. May you have many happy hours of paper crafting in your improved space. I'm so happy for you! :-)


Thanks! I can't wait to have everything in its place...but so far I am LOVING the extra table space!